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Christmas With Lucius and Hermione June 21, 2008

Posted by Me in Hermione's Choice, Images.

I thought my readers would like to see a few of the items from under Lucius’ and Hermione’s Christmas tree:

The bonding rings

Hermione’s ‘engagement’ ring and the matching bands she and Lucius will wear after the bonding.

The robe clasp Hermione gave to Lucius

The robe clasp Hermione gave to Lucius

Snake ring

Another ring Lucius gave Hermione
The red and the green on the snake symbolizes Slytherin and Gryffindor together,
while the snake itself symbolizes the giver



1. Rachel - April 26, 2010

I was surfing the web and found your snake ring for Lucius, but what i would love to know is were you found the wedding/bonding rings? they are… gorgeous!!! Ps LOVE Lucius/Herm fic’s!!!

2. Slytherin Dragoon - April 26, 2010

To be honest with you, it’s been so long since I posted this that I don’t remember exactly. I’m pretty sure I found the snake ring and robe clasp on Ebay. The wedding ring set I found by googling “Celtic wedding rings”. Be warned that this brought up quite a few web sites, but it’s possible that you’d find the ring one by doing what I did. I did see several gorgeous sets with similar themes.

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