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A Note About the Writing Process July 10, 2008

Posted by Me in Hermione's Choice.

In her comment about Chapter 22, Velvet Storm mentioned the shower sex scene between Lucius and Hermione.

I have to admit that I’d not planned including that scene in this chapter.  But Lucius got horny while I was writing the chapter and so I ended up including it.  I’ve had this to happen many times before; a story taking a bit of a different direction than I’d originally planned, with the characters themselves seeming to suggest the path a story should take.

When I decided to write this story, I had a major theme I wanted to explore and a general direction I wanted to take, but I didn’t outline in any great detail, trusting that I’d find the way in the process.  It’s worked out pretty well so far, but I will admit, I still don’t have any clear idea where to end the story.  However, I think that will make itself evident once the story reaches a certain point.

I’d be curious to hear about how other fan fiction writers experience the writing process.



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