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How Should I End Hermione’s Choice? December 15, 2008

Posted by Me in Hermione's Choice.

I’ve reached a point in the story where I need to make a decision and I’m seeking reader input about it.

Hermione’s Choice has been a longer and more successful story than I ever imagined when beginning to write it.  When I post this week’s chapter, it will go over one hundred thousand words, which will make it the longest story I’ve ever written.

For the future of this story, I have three choices:

  • End the story with the birth of Lucius’ and Hermione’s baby, and add an epilogue of a length I’ve yet to determine.
  • Keep on writing the story, with perhaps a jump at some point to several years in the future, which would most likely be their daughter’s first year at Hogwarts.
  • Write a sequel story, beginning with their daughter’s first year at Hogwarts

Keep in mind that I have a new Lucius story on the drawing board now, entitled The Only Daughter.  This story will not pair him with Hermione.  (I’ll leave the pairing a secret until I start posting).   If I choose to write a sequel to Hermione’s Choice,   I will write The Only Daughter first, before proceeding to writing the sequel.

Please vote in the poll and add any comments you might have here.



1. Belas - December 22, 2008

I was a little bit torn on which way to vote between choice #1 & choice #3. Logically, I’d say to end the story with the birth of Lucius’ & Hermione’s baby with an added epilogue. However, I’ve become somewhat attached to all the characters in your story (not to mention the other possible plot lines you’ve introduced to the story), and so would like to put forth a vote for a sequel.

I mean, seriously, I would like to see if Harry puts his foot down on his wife’s & her family’s reactions to Hermione and everyone Malfoy-linked; I’d also like to see the consequences of a more balanced Governor’s Board for Hogwarts, not to mention the muggleborn programs that Lucius has proposed to Shacklebolt during his interview; and it’d be interesting to see what Hermione has been up to while her daughter, at least (because I’m sure that there will be more than one child with Lucius), has been growing to Hogwarts’ age. And while I’m generally not a fan of reading fanfiction with OC main characters, I would definitely read this one because of the original – the foundation has been built & set, you can then show ‘Hermione’s Choice’ repercussions from the viewpoint of the OC, Hermione’s & Lucius’ daughter, without too much stress. Lucinda’s memories & her relationships with those children her age and her family – and I could see her somehow or other being involved in some of the proposed muggleborn programs as a way of her being more grounded in perspective in both the muggle & wizarding world – would provide additional support.

Either way you decide to go, thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into your writing. I’ve enjoyed every word of it – and the background you’ve provided in this blog.

Merry Christmas! (or Happy Holiday! – whichever holiday you celebrate)


2. Susan - December 31, 2008

I agree. I’d the story to go on and on. If you got tired of the daily grind their daily life, you could put in a break of a year or two– but actually it will be interesting to glimpse Hermione as a young mom. Maybe a chapter with a series of vignettes as Lucinda moves through babyhood and toddlerdom. I’d love to read more about Hermione’s ultimate projects and the changes at Hogwarts! I’m not really a fan of sequels. I don’t see any reason not to keep the story in the same place.

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