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More Clothing Notes February 22, 2010

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In Chapter 11, I mention several articles of common 18th century clothing that modern readers may be unfamiliar with.

First of all are stays and jumps.   Stays are the 18th century version of the corset.  Stays were not as tightly laced as 19th century corsets and they gave the body a conical shape, rather than the 19th century wasp-wasted silhouette and, I suspect, were somewhat more comfortable and supportive of the back than their 19th century descendants.   Jumps were similar to stays, but were more lightly boned, thus more comfortable, intended for casual wear.

18th century stays

18th century riding habits were intended to be more comfortable for women riding horseback, while also preserving their modesty.

18th Century riding habit

In this chapter, the farm woman, Mattie Draper is wearing a shortgown and petticoat combo.  Shortgowns were semi-fitted or unfitted long jackets worn with petticoats.  They could be very basic or could be dressed up a bit.

Front and back view of
shortgown and petticoat combo
This outfit actually looks comfortable



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