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Pete Postlethwaite Photo Memorial February 5, 2011

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Since Pete Postlethwaite’s untimely death last month, I’ve been gathering photos on the web to do a photo memorial entry here.  Below are my favorites of the photos I’ve gathered.

Pete, some time in the 70s


Pete with Julie Walters, 1977

Pete in the early 1990s

Pete with Daniel Day-Lewis in "In the Name of the Father"

Pete as Obadiah Hakeswill in Sharpe's Enemy

Pete in undated photo

Pete with Ewan McGregor in Brassed Off

Pete in James and the Giant Peach

Pete as Roland Tembo in Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Pete as William Holabird in Amistad

My favorite photo of Pete as himself

Pete with his daughter, 2004

Pete with his son and Richard Attenborough, around 2007