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Illustrations from “Let This Heart Be Still” April 20, 2011

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Obadiah entering the stable

This is actually from Sharpe’s Company and though Obadiah is several years older in this photo than when my story begins, the photo is fuzzy enough that you can’t easily see the difference in age.

Anna Hakeswill

I’ve had a bit of trouble finding just the right Anna, and though this photo isn’t exactly what I had it mind, it’s the closest I’ve found so far.

Mary Stokes

I was browsing through a group of 18th century portraits and the moment I saw this one, I immediately “recognized” her as Mrs Stokes.  She looks exactly how I pictured her in my mind.

India, 1805

A map of India from around the time that Obadiah and Anna were there.   Seringapatam is in southern India, in the area labeled Mysore.