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Story’s End March 15, 2012

Posted by Me in Let This Heart be Still.
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All good things must come to an end, and so did “Let This Heart Be Still”.  I could have gone on, but the story had reached its natural conclusion and I didn’t want to beat it into the ground.

Below, I’d like to acknowledge those who inspired me and made this story possible.

First, I’d like to thank Bernard Cornwell for writing the Sharpe novels and for creating Obadiah in the first place. Next, I want to especially thank the late Pete Postlethwaite for bringing Obadiah to life, and who expanded Cornwell’s original creation and made him such a compelling character. Pete had the wonderful ability to play Obadiah as being both menacing and vulnerable at the same time.

I’d also like to thank the writers, directors, producers, and all others involved in the making of Sharpe’s Company and Sharpe’s Enemy. Re-watching these episodes several times during the writing process helped me to keep Obadiah in character, and I’m grateful for the bits of dialogue I borrowed from both films.

Next, I’d like to thank those people who run the following websites: The Sharpe Compendium, Sharpe Pointe, Brian’s Richard Sharpe Timeline, and Jane Austen’s World. I’m also grateful to Richard Holmes for his book, Redcoat, which was a treasure trove of facts about the British army during Obadiah’s era and others. These sources were all quite useful when I needed to research for continuity and for matters of historical accuracy.  Similarly, The Sharpe Companion by Mark Adkin was most useful in matters pertaining to the Sharpe books and films.

I’d like to also mention Steshette, whose YouTube video of Obadiah, using the Metallica song, Mama Said, was a major inspiration for me to write this story at all. A line from this song also provided me with the title for my story.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank Susan and Esther for their continued support during the writing of this story. Their comments, suggestions, and brainstorming were of invaluable help to me, especially at points where I was stuck with writer’s block. I appreciate it more than either of you will ever know.

Fittingly, I ended this story on what would have been Pete Postlethwaite’s 66th birthday.


After allowing the finished story to sit for a bit over a month, I re-read it and found several typos and other things needing to be touched up.  It’s amazing how such things are invisible when doing the original edits and posting.  I intend to go over the chapters again, one by one, and make any necessary edits before moving on to write another story.

I have ideas for two other Obadiah stories, one of which I will begin as soon as I make improvements on this story.