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What I’m Writing Now August 6, 2014

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Today, Kittyinaz put my blog on her follow list (Thanks, Kittyinaz), which reminded me that I’ve not updated this blog in ages.  So here’s a short post to let readers know what I’ve been writing since my last post.

I’ve written and completed another Obadiah Hakeswill story in the Sharpe Series genre, entitled “Playing with Fire”.  I’m working on another story in the Sharpe genre now, tentatively entitled, “Isabella’s Dilemma”, with Lady Isabella Farthingdale as the main character.  It is a spinoff of my earlier story, “Let This Heart Be Still”.  I’m on the third chapter of that story, but it won’t be anywhere near as long as “Let This Heart Be Still”, as it is meant only to tie up loose threads for what happened with Isabella after the end of LTHBS.

My most recently published story was for Hogan’s Heroes: A Change of Heart.  This is a one-shot written for 2014 Hogan’s Heroes Short Story Speedwriting Challenge.  I’m working on another, yet untitled story for HH now, and have ideas for a few more stories in this genre.

I have a germ of an idea for the TV series, Breaking Bad, but if I write it, it will be a long way down the road.  I’ll want to re-watch the show again first so I can get a better feel for the series before I begin to write in this genre.

That’s about it for now.