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Hermione’s New Clothes June 8, 2008

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As Lucius Malfoy’s consort, Hermione will have more oppotunities to dress more elegantly than she’d previously been accustomed to.  Following are some of the outfits Lucius bought her in Twilfitt and Tatting’s from Chapter 12.

Robe in Gryffindor scarlet

The robe Hermione wore out of Twilfitt and Tatting’s

robe in Slytherin green

And, of course, she needed a nice winter robe in Slytherin green as well.

Short black robe/coat

This short robe can double as a coat when in the muggle world.
It reminded me of the coat Snape normally wore under his robes.

Green hooded robe

A velvet hooded robe to be worn over a gown

Red hooded robe with matching gown

Formal red, hooded robe with matching gown

purple summer gown

A slinky summer gown that will show off Hermione’s figure