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A Few Notes About Lucius Malfoy’s Mother July 14, 2008

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JK Rowling tells us very little about Lucius Malfoy’s father, Abraxas Malfoy.  He is mentioned once in HBP when Draco tells Slughorn that his grandfather had died of dragon pox.  And she tells us nothing at all about Lucius’ mother, not even her name.

As part of my goal of fleshing out his background as a method of giving readers better insight into his character and how he became a Death Eater, I felt it essential to introduce his mother into the story.  In a later chapter, I will also explore Lucius’ childhood relationship with his father, which I hope will give readers a better understanding of how Lucius came to be the man he is today.

Persephone Malfoy, though not an inherently evil woman, is nonetheless a deeply flawed woman, albeit not of her own doing.  Her flaws, however, served to contribute to a rather grim and unhappy childhood for Lucius, who was an only child.

I won’t say any more, as I don’t want to give away the entire chapter in this blog entry!

Persephone Malfoy
as she looked when Lucius was a teenager.