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Two Portraits July 18, 2008

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I wrote about two portraits on the wall of Lucius’ penthouse merely as a way to get my other favorite Jason Isaacs role into the story; that of Colonel William Tavington, from the movie, “The Patriot”. This was the role in which I first discovered Jason, so it will always remain in my favorites.

Colonel William Tavington
Lucius Malfoy’s squib ancestor

The other portrait of Rufus Malfoy, who is Lucius’ great grandfather, is based on Sir Rufus Isaacs (1860-1935), who was a prominent British lawyer and politician from the early 20th century. I saw a very striking resemblance to Jason Isaacs in two photos I’ve seen of Rufus Isaacs, which leads me to believe that this man is quite likely an ancestor of Jason’s. So, I used this chapter as an opportunity to show a real photo of one of Lucius’ ancestors that would actually look like him. Feel free to leave a comment to tell me if you see the same resemblance that I do.