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Photo of Narcissa From Half Blood Prince August 28, 2008

Posted by Me in Images, Narcissa Malfoy.
Narcissa Malfoy

This is the first movie image I’ve seen of Narcissa.   I have to say that this isn’t what I imagined her to look like at all.

First of all, what’s up with her hair?   In the books, she’s all blond, like her husband and son.    This black on top, blond on the bottom and sides is decidedly creepy looking.    Narcissa is supposed to look classy and refined, not creepy.   Creepy is for Bellatrix, not Narcissa.

Secondly, her outfit looks bulky and awkward — it actually looks as if it’s made out of double-knit polyester.  I imagine Narcissa wearing all-natural fabrics that are elegant and flowing, not something that makes her look like a social climbing muggle real estate agent.

Third, she looks too old to be Narcissa.  The appearance of the underside of her chin makes the actress look about ten years older than her actual 41 years.  I wasn’t thrilled with the choice of actress to begin with, and this picture isn’t making me change my opinion.  I certainly hope that her acting will outshine the fact that she’s not a good visual match for Narcissa.

But this is only a side view and not a clear one at that.  Hopefully, more images will become public before the movie is released next year that will look better.    I do wish they’d have made her all-blond like she was in the books, however.