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Song for Lucius and Narcissa July 22, 2008

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While listening to the radio some time ago, I hear “Lady” by Styx.   The words reminded me of Lucius and Narcissa, especially during that tough year they spent as virtual prisoners in their own home when Voldemort took over Malfoy Manor.  The words are below:

— Styx

Lady, when I’m with you I’m smiling
Give me all your love
Your hands build me up when I’m sinking
Touch me and my troubles all fade

Lady from the moment I saw you standing all alone
You gave all the love that I needed
So shy like a child who had grown
You’re my…

Lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear and lovely
You’re my lady

Lady turn me on when I’m lonely
show me all your charms
Evenings when you lay down beside me
Take me gently into your arms
You’re my…

Lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear and lovely
You’re my lady




Lucius: A Change in Perspective, Not Personality June 24, 2008

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Sampdoria made an interesting comment on Chapter 17 that ended up inspiring the diarrhea of the mind that follows. Her comment was:

I also like, how odd it seems, that you keep some of Lucius’ old prejudice, like no child of his will have a muggle name. Not because I think he is right, or better than any muggle, but because it keeps in him character (and also that he is smart enough to not let Hermione know). To make him too much out of character will remove some of the fascination of pairing Lucius and Hermione, besides, it is good to have room for improvement:-))

My rambling thoughts:

Lucius will always be Lucius; he’ll always be a product of his upbringing. He will never change to the point where he’d ever be considered an adopted Weasley family member. Lucius will never become “wholesome” (ick!)

And as I believe that no one is all bad — no one is all good, either. Lucius is interesting primarily because he is a complex character with the capability of both bad and good residing in him.

The one-note characters, both bad and good, are far less interesting because they’re so consistent and predictable; they have no depth and there’s never any conflict within them.

Lucius has changed — and that change began before he ever got involved with Hermione. But as I showed in one chapter, Lucius was never a true believer in Voldemort to begin with — he was never a blind follower like Bellatrix. He did what was expected of young men in his family’s social circle, but he was never took a knee-jerk, gung-ho approach to it.

I think the seeds of his break with Voldemort were planted when Voldemort went dormant after failing to kill Harry Potter. We see evidence of the distancing when he tries to unload items that could link him to Voldie just before Draco’s second year. As JK Rowling pointed out in Book Six, he planted the diary with Ginny as a way to embarrass Arthur, rather than with the intention of helping Voldemort, as he had no real knowledge of what the diary really was. When Voldemort returns at the end of Book Four, we see that Lucius is less than delighted at this turn of events as he would have preferred to live for himself and advance his own agenda.

The real change began when he got sent to Azkaban and when Voldemort threatened Draco and Narcissa to get back at him. And it was quite obvious that Lucius had had enough of the Dark Lord and his agenda during the last year of the war, when he and his family were virtual prisoners in their own home.

Lucius had finally realized what really mattered to him; the love of his family. And this is precisely what separates him from those like Voldemort and Bellatrix — he can love, every bit as much and as deeply as any on the “good side”. And this capacity was always there — he didn’t need to remake himself into an Arthur Weasley clone in order to be capable of good and living peacefully within wizarding society.

Lucius had truly changed when he saw that Voldemort’s megalomania was inherently destructive for everyone on both

But as Lucius never was an uncritical blind follower of Voldemort, I don’t see him ever accepting everything without question on the “good” agenda, either. Lucius will remain the complex man he always was. He’ll do what he needs to do to get along in the post-Voldemort world and realize it’s a better world than it would have been under Voldemort. Unlike many on the “good” side, however, he’ll never deny his dark side and he’ll be able to balance it better with his light side. He’ll be Slytherin good, but never the Gryffindor concept of good.

Change is a decision, but it’s an ongoing process, not a matter of flipping a switch. His relationship with Hermione will help that process go more smoothly, but it will be a change of perspective for Lucius, not a change of personality.

That’s it, I’m rambled out. Time to go post another chapter.

Happy Birthday, Lucius! June 6, 2008

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Canon tells us that Lucius Malfoy was born in either 1954 or 1955, but it does not give us an exact birthdate.  Because today is Jason Isaacs’ birthday (Happy birthday, Jason!), I’ve assigned June 6th to be Lucius’ birthday as well.  Jason is 45 today, and in 2008, Lucius would be 54.   So, let’s wish our favorite Death Eater and the man who portrays him a Happy Birthday!

Lucius Mafloy