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New Wand October 27, 2008

Posted by Me in Images, Lucius Malfoy.
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After buying the purpleheart and elm wand I wrote about some time ago, I decided I wanted to get a wand that was all-elm.   Recently, the same seller who custom made my purpleheart/elm wand posted an all-elm wand on Ebay, which I bought.  Unlike the first wand, which is British Wych Elm, this new wand is of American Elm, which is of a lighter shade than the Wych Elm.

JK Rowling describes Lucius’ wand as merely “elm”, so we do not know whether it was actually British Wych Elm, American Elm, or some other variety of elm.   I find it quite plausible that Ollivander would make wands out of these two types of elm, though I don’t know whether the magical properties of the two elm varieties would differ at all.

I like to think that this wand would be quite similar to Lucius’ wand.  We must remember that the black snake-headed cane/wand is a movie affectation, as neither type of elm is anything approaching black.  Rowling would have had to have given Lucius an ebony wand, for the movie wand to be anything approaching believable.